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Tax status

We do not give tax advice. However, based on the rulings the Association has received from the Zug tax authorities, we understand that currently:

  • Donations to the Association from normally taxed Swiss residents will be deductible from their taxable income for federal, cantonal and community tax purposes, but will usually be subject to a cap of 20% of net income if the donor is an individual.
  • The value of any moveable objects or real estate (gifts in kind) donated to the Association, as determined by an independent valuation, will be tax deductible, subject to the 20% limit set out above.
  • Neither payments nor legacies to the Association from normal or lump-sum taxpayers will be subject to cantonal gifts tax in Switzerland.
  • Donations to the Association from Swiss companies, or branches of foreign companies taxed in Switzerland, on the basis set out above, are tax deductible.
  • Donations to the Association from trusts or foundations established under a foreign law will not create any Swiss tax liability for the donor.
  • Donations to the Association from Swiss foundations or other Swiss tax-exempt entities may be made without adversely affecting the tax status of the donor as long as the payment is in accordance with the articles, regulations and legal provisions applicable to that donor.