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Gifts in kind

In principle, SFOU will be glad to accept “gifts in kind”, namely works of art, jewellery and other movable property, as well as Swiss real estate.

In the case of works of art and other valuable objects intended to be kept, used and displayed by the University, one of its departments (e.g. a museum), or a college, this can also be accommodated. All donations will be subject to our standard due diligence process. If we agree to accept such a donation, we will arrange for an independent valuation of the contribution and issue a certificate confirming its value for Swiss tax purposes. We will ask you to pay for the valuation.

Since every contribution made in this way will be different, please be sure to contact SFOU first before making such a donation.

If you are thinking of leaving objects or property to Oxford in your will, we encourage you to talk to us in advance.