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First SFOU AGM and dinner

June 25, 2018

The Swiss Friends of Oxford University welcomed Professor Philip Howard, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, as its guest speaker at the Association’s first ever dinner, held on 21 June in Zurich, following its first Annual General Meeting.

Close to twenty Oxford alumni and friends of the university listened intently to the latest findings on the impact of digital media on public life and elections around the world, and the use of new information technologies for lobbying, marketing, social control and civic engagement. Professor Howard provided detailed insights into the world of fake news, manipulation of opinions through social media, and the ethics of the internet.

Explaining the work of the OII, Oxford’s highly regarded multidisciplinary research and teaching department for the social science of the internet, Professor Howard described its various research projects and how it aims to positively shape the development of the digital world for the public good.

With each guest then invited to pose a question or make a comment, the evening turned into a lively and informative Oxford seminar – but with much better food.

The Second SFOU AGM and dinner will take place in June 2019, in Geneva.

21st June 2018

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